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From Our Family To Yours

About Us

Kaprikorn Gıda was founded in 2007 by Ahu Gönültaş Tunçer and Süleyman Tunçer in Istanbul. Kaprikorn Gıda, which focused on infant health since its establishment;  has brought in the Turkish baby formula market New Zealand originating Golden Goat goat milk infant formulas and since the start with an increasing success each year Golden Goat has become the market leader in its category.

Dairy Goat Cooperative (NZ) developed the first and only goat milk infant formula , clinically tested and approved by the European Union Food Safety Board (EFSA), and is the manufacturer of Golden Goat.

Now, Golden Goat is present in all sales channels so that families can easily reach. It is primarily on sale in pharmacies, baby shops, certain supermarket chains and e-commerce sites. Kaprikorn Gıda regularly attends medical congresses with its team and promoting more and more healthcare professionals every day through visits to hospitals, doctors and nurses.

Currently, Kaprikorn Gıda is working on its new and innovative projects. Although our ‘Biriktirenanne’  project has started recently, it already increased the awareness with the trust of our families.


With respect,

Kaprikorn Gıda

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